Bar Soaps

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Strawberry Swirl Body Soap - Phenixology

Strawberry Swirl Body Soap

$10.50 USD
1 review
Our Strawberry Swirl Body Soap has beautiful layers of color with a nice mix of Strawberry fragrance. The mixtures of oils, leave your skin with a pleasant light scent of berries.  * Ingredients:...
Turmeric & Charcoal Cleansing Bar - Phenixology

Turmeric & Charcoal Cleansing Bar

$13.50 USD
Our Turmeric & Charcoal Cleansing Bar has many great qualities due to the ingredients. It contains moisturizing and anti-inflammatory components that will be beneficial to your skin, with daily use.  Benefits:  combats hyperpigmentation, dark spots,...
Turmeric & Ginger Body Soap - Phenixology

Turmeric & Ginger Body Soap

$10.50 USD
Turmeric is known to help soothe and revitalize your skin.  Our Turmeric & Ginger Body Soap is a rich and creamy blend of Goat’s milk, honey and turmeric, that will...
Tuscanberry Body Soap - Phenixology

Tuscanberry Body Soap

$10.50 USD
4 reviews
Our Tuscanberry Body Soap is sure to awaken the senses. It has a lovely cranberry fragrance, with a slight touch of Christmas outdoors. The combination of Cocoa Butter and Coconut...
Zaddy Body Soap - Phenixology

Zaddy Body Soap

$10.50 USD
Our Zaddy Body Soap is for the sexy man who knows how to handle all of his business, and can get the suga. He never leaves you wanting,  and you can't...